What size are Derrimut Meals?
Our Meals are 300gm and 400gm

How long do Derrimut Meals last?

Depending on the meal and specific ingredients used, our FRESH meals have a shelf life of 7-12 days from the time they are purchased. Always refer to the best before date.

How do Derrimut Meals stay fresh for so long?

We use the latest MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) technology to maintain the quality of our meals for an extended shelf life. MAP technology is similar to vacuum sealing which removes oxygen, allowing our meals to remain fresher for longer.

Is it okay to freeze Derrimut Meals?

Yes. You can freeze our FRESH meals before the Best Before dates and they will last between 3 to 6 months depending on the ingredients and if safely frozen below -10° C.
Once a meal has been thawed or heated it must be consumed. DO NOT re-freeze and reheat that meal.
**Note – All our food is cooked and packed fresh to provide you with the best meal possible, they certainly can be frozen. However, frozen meals will never taste the same as Fresh meals and we do not advise freezing any salads or seafood**   

Can I still eat Derrimut Melas if I have specific food allergies?

We always recommend you check the ingredients list before consuming any meals if you have pre-existing allergies. While we take as much care as possible to ensure certain ingredients are out of specific meals, they are all cooked and prepared in the same kitchen.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Absolutely! Our meal pack trays and box can be placed in your normal recycling bin at home or work, while the plastic film used to seal our meal trays can be dropped off at ’soft plastic’ recycling points, check out the following link for more information click here. The insulation bubble wrap and freezer packs have been designed so you can re-use them over and over again.

Are Derrimut Meals okay to eat while I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

Generally speaking yes, however you should always speak with your local GP or trusted medical practitioner before starting any new diet or nutrition plan.

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